• I love how Karen conducts her coaching with integrity, never letting me wriggle my way out of a tight corner. Anyone open to making some positive changes in their life would benefit from spending time with her.
    Karen coached me on a very complicated moment of my life when I had to make some important decisions, and was able to make me organize my thoughts in a very positive way. I would highly recommend her.
    Karen has great coaching skills. She is a great listener and I would recommend coaching to anybody who is undergoing a career change or progression.
    A year on from my coaching I still feel able to draw on our sessions to move forward with my goals. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Karen to help them achieve their work and personal goals.
    Karen was great at listening to my issues and working with me to set some achievable (yet stretching) objectives. She came prepared to each of our sessions which I valued as it made each one as effective as it could be.
    If I was to expand my business, Karen Conway would be the first person I would hire. Trouble is I would probably not be able to because her own business is already taking off. Karen has extraordinary management skills and is a first-rate coach.
    David Finney, Managing Director, The EnergyConversation
    My coaching experience was amazing, I enjoyed every moment of it, grown so much as a person and learnt a lot about myself. I feel comfortable with myself now. I am much happier with my choices, job, relationships and with myself.
    I felt enabled to clarify my thinking and wishes and therefore make a decision in connection with my working life. I had a sense of openness and possibility because of the river just outside. Even after the first session I was clearer.
    Srivati, teacher, meditationmindfulness and Buddhism
    Karen’s coaching was such a positive experience for me. I am now confident that everything is happening as it should. Karen quickly sets a warm, encouraging environment. Thank you for everything, you have been such a guiding light.
    I have delivered several coaching workshops with Karen. They got the best feedback for any workshops I’ve been involved with. She is an adventurous, committed coach.. I love working with her and she has really helped me develop my coaching skills.
    Jeff RileyCareers Adviser
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Imagine the difference it would make having someone dedicated to your success and fulfilment; they make no assumptions about you and want only the best for you.  Not only that, they actually believe in you and all you a capable of.  They will help you to put a time limit on all that you’re putting up with on a daily basis.  They will allow you to confront your challenges in a refreshingly new way. Who’s in?

Stripping back all those layers of ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’, expectations and obligations we tend to put on ourselves as we get older.  Nurtures and revitalises you so you can get back in touch with what really excites you and makes you feel alive.

Cultivates a mind-set that enables you to live life on your own unique terms – not according to anyone else’s.

Eases the pressures and stresses of life so you can regain a sense of inner calm, control and balance.

Being asked questions you wouldn’t normally be asked. Encourages a certain level of self-discovery and exploration that creates real clarity and focus in you.

Shines a light on all your skills, talents and strengths so you can access and use this rich pool of inner resources and be more effectual and productive.

Allows you to take on new challenges confidently rather than fearfully to live a happier and more rewarding life.

Promotes living more in the present moment rather than wasting time and energy regretting the past and worrying about the future.

Challenging you to reconsider some of your cognitive, emotional and behavioural habits and processes that may not be serving you very well. Stimulates fresh perspectives by expanding the lens through which you view the world – so you can create and take advantage of a raft of new options you may not have realised were available to you.

Gives way to bigger and more exciting possibilities and opportunities that you can start to enjoy as soon as you like.

Helps you to identify and acknowledge any self-limiting habits so you can choose ones that serve you better.

Invites you to raise your game so you can step outside of any comfort zone that’s holding you back you – to flourish and fulfil your potential.

Getting to grips with your core underlying values and helping you to express these as clearly defined and realistic goals – that encompass who you are being – as well as what you are doing. Clarifies what is most important to you so you can act from your heart as well as your mind – to gain a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

So you can be more effective in how you direct and invest your time, energy and attention to bring you the most fulfilling results and experiences.

Gives you a greater sense of direction and meaning.

Offering practical tools and simple yet powerful strategies and exercises tailored to you. So you can continue to apply what you learn with me to make lasting positive changes far beyond the coaching experience itself.
Giving you undivided and precious time to be really heard, listened to and understood free from judgment and my own agenda – in a totally safe and confidential space. Fosters the trust, belief and confidence in yourself to make the decisions that feel right for you.

So you can overcome any fears and barriers that are getting in the way of you living your best life.

Helping you face up to facts and reality – looking at where you are, what is and what can be – rather than dwelling on what has already been and gone. So you can see clearly any obstacles that are between you and your goals, decide how to tackle them and get on with what you really want to do.

Puts you back in the driving seat giving you more choice and freedom around what you do next.

Taking responsibility and ownership of your life – rather than blaming others / situations – is far more empowering and liberating.

Seeing you not as someone who is broken that needs fixing – but as someone who is totally capable of creating life as you wish it to be. When you are listened to by someone who genuinely believes in you 100% you will find that you give yourself permission to achieve more than you had previously thought was possible – generating a real sense of pride that will in turn motivate others around you.
Creating a committed and collaborative partnership between us – rather than a relationship based on the giving and receiving of knowledge. Enables you to be inspired by your own ideas – and to be guided by your own imagination – letting you be the leader and expert in your own life.

The dynamic of the coaching relationship serves as a vehicle and catalyst that moves you from where you are now – to where you want to be – at a pace that feels right for you.

Designing a personalised, structured and realistic plan to make what might seem too difficult or scary far more manageable. So you are clear on exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to be.When we walk that new path together it makes the journey of change far easier and more enjoyable for you.
Holding you to account to what you say you are going to do and encouraging you to do the work – be that of the practical or thinking variety. Purposeful agreed action keeps you on your course and has your best interests at heart – so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed and get moving on completing your projects, taking care of any neglected dreams and living life the way you really want to.
Regularly reviewing your progress. So you can measure and take pride in your achievements and celebrate all your successes along the way.

GoFind out how coaching works and how you can experience these benefits.

“Whatever you can do, or dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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