• I love how Karen conducts her coaching with integrity, never letting me wriggle my way out of a tight corner. Anyone open to making some positive changes in their life would benefit from spending time with her.
    Karen coached me on a very complicated moment of my life when I had to make some important decisions, and was able to make me organize my thoughts in a very positive way. I would highly recommend her.
    Karen has great coaching skills. She is a great listener and I would recommend coaching to anybody who is undergoing a career change or progression.
    A year on from my coaching I still feel able to draw on our sessions to move forward with my goals. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Karen to help them achieve their work and personal goals.
    Karen was great at listening to my issues and working with me to set some achievable (yet stretching) objectives. She came prepared to each of our sessions which I valued as it made each one as effective as it could be.
    If I was to expand my business, Karen Conway would be the first person I would hire. Trouble is I would probably not be able to because her own business is already taking off. Karen has extraordinary management skills and is a first-rate coach.
    David Finney, Managing Director, The EnergyConversation
    My coaching experience was amazing, I enjoyed every moment of it, grown so much as a person and learnt a lot about myself. I feel comfortable with myself now. I am much happier with my choices, job, relationships and with myself.
    I felt enabled to clarify my thinking and wishes and therefore make a decision in connection with my working life. I had a sense of openness and possibility because of the river just outside. Even after the first session I was clearer.
    Srivati, teacher, meditationmindfulness and Buddhism
    Karen’s coaching was such a positive experience for me. I am now confident that everything is happening as it should. Karen quickly sets a warm, encouraging environment. Thank you for everything, you have been such a guiding light.
    I have delivered several coaching workshops with Karen. They got the best feedback for any workshops I’ve been involved with. She is an adventurous, committed coach.. I love working with her and she has really helped me develop my coaching skills.
    Jeff RileyCareers Adviser
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I believe that, the less we give direct advice and attempt to fix and solve people’s problems for them, the more we can help people to be able to help themselves, be responsible for their own lives and develop a stronger and sustainable sense of self.

I prefer not to perpetuate the message that you are not competent enough to come up with your own answers!  I believe the brain that has the problem also holds the solution and that since we all operate from our own model of the world we all have the capacity to think challenges through for ourselves and find our own preferred ways of approaching a task.

My role is to support you in opening up your options so you can choose and own the best response and way forward that is unique to you.

Forest Path


Coaching is different to consulting and mentoring as these processes generally involve some form of instruction and advice, which brings some obvious limitations.  Kourou Coaching operates on the more non-directive end of the spectrum, allowing you to be empowered by your own decisions. Coaching is also different from counseling, which tends to dwell more on the past. Coaching does of course benefit from a degree of reflection, however the focus with coaching is more on where you are now and where you want to be – a forward looking and practical approach for real progress.

How it works

In coaching it does not matter whether the coach is an expert in the topic being coached on. The coach does not impart knowledge, advice or wisdom. Instead the coach creates an environment where you can tap into all the strengths and resources you already possess to inform your own decisions.

Coaching is a place where your own imagination is unleashed to guide you, giving you the freedom to be the expert of your own life.

This type of personal development is  sustainable. Confidence building  is the key. Your confidence is raised through finding you are able to work things out for yourself and as you recognise your ability and competence in achieving the goals you have set.  You can directly influence what happens in your life, yielding a can-do state of mind. These realisations have a knock on effect on areas of your life that were not originally the subject of coaching, leaving you far better equipped to deal with any  challenges you may encounter in the future.

Your own ideas and opinions are valued and respected. You are pursuing your own goals and are ultimately responsible for your own outcomes. The sense of reward and fulfilment this produces feeds a growing motivation, reinforcing the desire to experience more of these satisfying results. In this way coaching nurtures an inner authority, teaching you to trust and believe in yourself, to design the life you want and be the best you can be.

Most importantly this journey is deeply enjoyable!


Find out how you and your coach work together in professional partnership to makes this happen.


“If we‘re always guided by other people’s thoughts, what’s the point in having our own?”

Oscar Wilde

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